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Woodbridge Christian Church: Messages

THE END GAME 3 - "Do This"

(Woodbridge Christian Church)
May 12, 2019
Jesus' endgame has begun. The Apostle Peter was and his writings continue to be important to those seeking to be victorious in the endgame. A challenge that we all appear to share [even Avengers share it] is a tendency to not do what we are told. Whether our Mother, a police office, even God's Word we resist doing what we are told to do. At times this places us in the spot of wishing we had listened and done what we were told. How about with the endgame we are living out? Will there come a time when we wished we had listened and done what God's Word told us to do? God's message is good news for us. Jesus died for us. God loves us. He wants to save us.