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Woodbridge Christian Church: Messages

THE END GAME 4 - "Only A Shadow"

(Woodbridge Christian Church)
May 19, 2019
The Marvel Universe Avengers are great at saving people. They do it individually and they can take on even bigger foes collectively. One of the things we have learned is that no matter how many times they save us, we continue to need saving. Ultimately, we cannot save ourselves. That is the solution provided by every "man made religious system." We have to save ourselves. We are not very good at it, especially when it comes to dealing with our own guilt. Fortunately, God provided a way to deal with our needing saving. He provided a way for us to be forgiven and to have a relationship with Him as He intended from even before the Creation of the world. Who else has ever come up with a way for freewill creatures who choose to sin [and like sinning] to come back to God forever. God is amazing!