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Woodbridge Christian Church: Messages

THE END GAME 6 - "Confidence in Salvation"

(Woodbridge Christian Church)
June 2, 2019
The Marvel Cinematic Universe creators did an outstanding job at the end of Infinity Wars and the beginning of Endgame pulling us in to feeling the loss and despair that the Avengers felt. No hope? Could anything be done? How could this wrong be made right? We had to wait for over a year to find out. When the time came, what every movie creator hopes happened with Endgame...tons and tons of money made as the world lined up to feel hope, joy, comfort. Life is like this. It deals some pretty hard blows, then death. It leads to despair...except for where a hero entered history and brought hope, joy comfort as He made things right. Jesus made us right in sacrificing himself and paying the penalty for our sins. Suffering is sure. In Jesus, so is comfort.