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Woodbridge Christian Church: Messages

THE END GAME 7 - "A Changed Future"

(Woodbridge Christian Church)
June 9, 2019
The future is changed by changing today. That works! Unless there are future events that cannot be changed, no matter what we do today. It is exciting to watch a movie such as Avengers Endgame, where a devastating blow has been dealt to so many and there is hope that something amazing can be done to reverse it. The Bible tells us that is the possibility presented by God because of His love for us. We dealt ourselves a devastating blow when we chose to sin. No matter what we do we cannot remove our sin and guilt. We sort of convince ourselves that the predicament is not real. Still each of us know what we have done and probably will do. We have a problem. What makes the Bible such Good News is Jesus, in the past, already did something about this. . .something amazing to fix our problem. He offers a different future than the one we created for ourselves. Instead of trying to change our future by changing now, Our Changed Future [In Jesus] gives us the motivation and help to change now.