Children's Worship

Williams Elementary Common Area

We are taking steps towards offering the following when safe: The Beginner's Class [Pre K & K] has their own age based teaching time beginning at 10:00. The Elementary Class begins with their own worship time of singing, praying, interacting with one another and more followed by age based teaching. The young people are given the opportunity to participate in leading the different parts of the service as they learn about Jesus. Currently there are children's ativities in the common area just outside of the adult worship area.


"He's Here!" pt. 2

Williams Elementary School and Online

"He's Here" takes a look at some familiar people at the beginning of the New Testatment that we focus on each year at Christmas time plus Jesus' first disciples and then considers what set these people apart. We can feel like failures when we do not have "Big Events" like they did happening in our lives, even in our Christian lives. "He's Here" shares what they did that each of us can do.